Emotional Ups and Downs: How we cope

We are all so different in how we are coping in our particular situation. Single moms worried about money, people with health risks super worried about getting sick, and parents worried about keeping their kids busy and safe. It's interesting who struggles more, who is getting stir crazy, who is taking advantage of opportunities. Whatever your situation, it's real, and we are all affected. The difference is how we handle the stress.

I’m especially fascinated by my own emotions and wonder: why am I able to stay positive during this “pandemic”?! To be honest, I dislike using that word, and I prefer to use more positive words and language, in hopes to “feel” more positive. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had more than a few “downs” and “holy shits”!

Listening to the news has not helped! When I watched 60 Minutes about nurses not having enough masks or equipment to keep themselves safe, it made me very sad, depressed and angry. When I see NYC and hear comments from people who live there begging us all to “Stay Home” and not even go outdoors, it puts a different perspective on it. Part of me doesn’t want to indulge in the news but my husband wants to be informed and thinks we all should be made aware of the dangers. He is the protector, the safety guy. If there was ever a disaster, he is the kind of guy you’d want on your side.

Like I said, thankfully, there are more ups than downs.

I’ve got to have more positive than negative, more highs than lows. So I choose to be informed to the extent of necessity for safety, but focus on the positive things in my life to stay sane and to stay mentally okay. There is so much to be said about our mental state during these times. I don’t think we need a psychiatrist to tell us this, although if you listen in, that is also on top of the news. We need some routine; human beings need to feel productive. So let’s figure out what that means to us. That is different for you than it is for me. Our routine has changed, however that doesn’t mean we don’t need a new one!

We already know how our mental state and emotional well-being affect our physical as well. And if we allow our emotional state to sink to an all-time low and stay there, where will we be when we “come out of it”? I love what my friend and Yogi Kristi said, “Now is the time to change and adapt. Or get run over”.

I don’t want to offend anyone. Many of you have been affected more than others. Economically, (I’ve been personally hit, as well) fear for our loved ones, ourselves, health, and frankly fear for the planet. Perhaps you’ve lost someone to Covid-19 or perhaps you are in danger of losing your house.

Listening to those who happen to be thriving with virtual workouts and trainings, online courses, and taking advantage of the opportunities that are there (and they are out there!) rather than focusing on the glass half empty and reading the negative news, will get us through these challenging times.

Here’s what helps me:

  • I get up early every morning.

  • I open the shutters and I let light shine in on me.

  • I have my coffee.

  • I journal. (what I am grateful for, and there is a lot!)

  • I work for an hour or more (as in working on things that will perhaps bring business to me in the near future)

  • Yes I get dressed in real clothes and I put make up on!

  • I get outside and I work out. I need some connection, so I do share space (10 feet is the new 6 feet) with family and friends to work out or do yoga (almost every day)

  • I get back to work. It feels good to feel productive and hopeful, even if I’m not making money right now. It will be okay and I WILL BE OKAY.

  • I’m learning new things…Zoom webinars, online training, yikes!

  • I go outside again at the end of the day

  • I have myself a glass of wine at 5pm!

  • I make dinner every night.

How are you coping? I would love to hear how your emotions are doing! Drop me a line. These are my girls and me at our November 2019 photo shoot!...


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