Sensing Energy

How many times do you find yourself standing in line at the grocery store, department store, or sporting event and feel an annoyance or intrusion behind you? You see that you have left plenty of personal space in front of you, but when you slowly turn around you realize the person behind you is extremely close. In your mind, you may be thinking "backup a little, buddy" or even go so far as to ask the individual to step back a little. This sensation can sometimes happen when a person is too physically close for comfort. However, other times you may experience this sensation because someone is in your personal energy field.

The energetic field that surrounds every living person, animal, and plant is often referred to as the aura. For some, sensing the aura of others can be as simple as just knowing that the individual is there. For others who have extremely high sense perception, they begin to feel and take on the other individual’s emotions (ie: happiness, joy, frustration, anger, sadness). These are empaths.

If you identify as an empath, the emotions of others can become so intense that you think they are your own. You may not be aware this is happening, or if you are aware, you don’t know what to do to reduce it or make it stop. We absorb so much stimulation that it can become overwhelming at times and even lead to illness.

I used to be someone who felt everything. I would have extreme highs and lows. When I stood next to someone, I immediately knew how they were feeling (which was not always pleasant). Through time, my lack of boundaries for my energy field started to deplete my energy, resulting in my health declining. I was so grateful for the day I met someone who told me he was an empath! I said, "what’s that?" As he explained it to me, the bright light bulb went on -- he was describing me! I quickly learned what makes a person an empath, how the energy field works, what techniques could expand and contract my field, how to protect myself, and ways to shake off unwanted energy from things around me. It took practice, and even today I catch and correct myself. For example, I try hard to stay out of restaurants that have a lot of televisions because it is a lot of stimulation for me. In the end, all my efforts in awareness have paid off because I am truly a happier, healthier individual.

EXPERIMENT: Next time you are in a crowded area or standing in line, see if you can sense the people around you. Envision yourself in a bright red bubble, grounding into mother earth. Begin pushing that bubble outward and see if the people around you begin to move.

We will dig deeper at Desert Moon Endeavors, September 18-20 and I will guide you through activities to sense your own energetic vibration and to consciously experience the energetic vibrations of others.

Lisa A Jakubowski, EMP Medical Intuitive, Soul Coach, Toe Reader, Reflexologist INSPIRATION By Lisa LLC Compassionate Healing Through Energy Medicine


Lisa Jakubowski is a very loving and gifted woman who brings her heart and soul to everything she does. She is a multifaceted healer who honors each soul’s journey and provides a safe, loving environment for them to receive messages, experience healing, and support them in living a happier healthier life. Lisa’s services consist of Intuitive Energy Healings, Mediumship Readings, Toe Readings, Intuitive Readings, Angel Card Readings, Akashic Records Meditations, and Reflexology.

Lisa is a graduate of The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in Bloomfield, Connecticut where she earned her diploma as an Energy Medicine Practitioner in the WISE method and had the honor of co-teaching with the Founder and President Dr. Dorothy Martin Neville. Lisa completed her Reflexology Certification and Master Toe Reading Certification at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. She received her Mediumship Certification through Tina Escoto at Mystic Horse Journeys in Cave Creek, Arizona and her Angel Card Reader Certification through Doreen Virtue’s online program.

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