What you mean to me...who knew!

Had to share because this has really touched me.

Sometimes you don't know what you mean to someone unless or until they say something to you. This is just an example, for me personally, of just that. I really thought I was just being kind, and a little bit supportive here and there over the years. A young woman who used to work for me had a bit of a wild stage, struggling through school, through life, with boys, through college. Her mom and her were not very close. Her dad and her were. And then, he died!

Fast forward, about 8 years later. College finished, career established, finally meets a guy that isn't a jerk! Haha She gets engaged. And texts me she wants me to come to her wedding. It's a small wedding, and she would love me to be there. (it's going to be in another state) I'm wondering, okay??

Here is what she says:

"You have been there for me always. You've been kind and understanding. Positive and a good influence. Supportive. Overall an amazing person".

Well, I cried. And yes, I'll be at her wedding next month!!

I have an 'Evidence Journal'. Some people think I have so much confidence and self -esteem, and totally have my shit together. (Okay so those who really know me, know the truth!)

Sometimes I doubt myself too! So when someone says something amazing about me, I write it in this journal. Sometimes people are not so supportive. Or may say something that has us doubting our amazingness. Sometimes you doubt yourself because you had a bad day, or a bad week, or maybe you did something stupid and you're like "What were thinking? What is wrong with you?!" Whatever the case may be, My Evidence Journal helps me through. And reminds me that I am amazing! And I know that you are too!

Tell me a story of your amazingness!

It's almost here... the final program and registration launch for the September 18-20th retreat! The last piece is going to be very cool. Have you heard of Akashic Records? No, me neither. Lisa J will be your guide on this magical adventure. The wisdom in the Akashic Records is known to assist a soul in clearing karma, releasing negative energy patterns that no longer serve the soul, provide understanding as to the soul’s journey, and answers to current concerns.

Access my blog on the Desert Moon Endeavors site. There is a Nidra Meditation article there. Kerri Wade will facilitate this at our retreat! She is amazing!

Talk soon!


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