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Happy 2020!

It's here. And I'm sure you've all been surrounded by the positive vibes of 2020 and this being our best year and our best decade. If you have not been surrounded by these vibes, let's get you some new friends and some new social media updates!

As promised with my last blog "Do you Journal" on December 18th, here is a link to expert holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera's article, "How to make the most out of future self-journaling".

I'd love to hear if this article was of help to you and how you are personally entering into 2020. Email me here.

I'm working hard to finish the programing for our 2020 retreat. I want to make sure it is just right, so bare with me. The dates again are September 18-20th at El Rancho Robles Retreat Center in Oracle, Arizona. Share with your friends who also are looking for growth and self-discovery and being our best selves.

Thanks, Janice

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