Our 2018 retreat was a success!

Here are just a few of the comments our retreat attendees wrote down at the end of their weekend at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center in Carefree-"Spring Cleaning for the Soul".

"The experience this weekend was profound from a standpoint of enhanced self awareness. The ability to understand or quiet the voice in my head that can oftentimes literally stop me in my tracks. To understand that "I am" and "can be" whole again". June K., Colorado

"I loved the new connections and learning more about listening to my body, mind and spirit. Learning that "everyone has a story" and it's okay not to have a reason or explanation for everything right then and there. Enjoying the atmosphere and not being judged when I differed in opinion". Debby H., Virginia

" I had an amazing time. The retreat was well run and I so appreciated that. I loved connecting with like-minded people and the late night visits we had. The presenters were all stellar and on point. I'm leaving in total awe at the level of complete satisfaction I'm feeling". Cara, California

" Emotional cleansing! Closeness with others. Loved Roseann and the 'trauma healing'. Love the info about habit and behavior changes and the info that I can set into motion when I get home to start "stepping stones" like Maya suggested." Ann, Arizona

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