April 30, 2020

We are all so different in how we are coping in our particular situation. Single moms worried about money, people with health risks super worried about getting sick, and parents worried about keeping their kids busy and safe. It's interesting who struggles more, who is...

March 5, 2020

How many times do you find yourself standing in line at the grocery store, department store, or sporting event and feel an annoyance or intrusion behind you? You see that you have left plenty of personal space in front of you, but when you slowly turn around you realiz...

February 19, 2020

I was fortunate to have an amazing experience in my earlier working days. Several departments that all interfaced within a major department were trained in a Personality Profiling System. Our goal was to analyze our client base offerings by better understanding ourselv...

February 6, 2020

Had to share because this has really touched me.

Sometimes you don't know what you mean to someone unless or until they say something to you. This is just an example, for me personally, of just that. I really thought I was just being kind, and a little bit supportive he...

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Do you journal? And why should we?

December 18, 2019

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March 5, 2020